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Our Mission and What we do

Within a safe and protected environment of the 5 Senses Creative Exploration Centre, a team of teachers will endeavour to support and assist your child regarding any learning or developmental challenges, in order to enable them to reach their optimum potentials. We also understand that learning challenges can be linked to various areas of development, and drawing on a range of sensory, artistic, creative and diverse stimulation tools, we will strive to assist children to produce better outcomes, and enrich their development holistically. 

A child’s ability to read, learn and perform on levels that challenge his/her abilities, creates the foundation for academic success.

 The 5 Senses Creative Exploration Centre is founded on the following core values:

  1. To enable children to reach their optimum levels regarding learning and other areas of development.
  2. To provide challenging, stimulation, creative and fun learning experiences.
  3. To focus on specific learning challenges, and work towards assisting children to develop critical and problem-solving skills.
  4. To focus on supporting children in their personal social and emotional development.