5 Senses Creative Exploration Centre

Conveniently situated at the bottom of Malibongwe road, in Linden Ext. the 5 Senses Creative Exploration Centre offers a range of stimulating, creative and learning opportunities to all children. With large grassy and child-safe gardens, the centre provides a relaxed, safe, caring and comfortable environment, where children are encouraged to explore and engage their diverse learning interests and needs. 


In this centre, we aim to provide multi-disciplinary treatment options to toddlers and scholars of any age. As a registered counsellor and a professional in special needs and inclusive education, I will use a whole-child approach to consider a child’s diverse, social, emotional, learning and developmental needs in their specific social and cultural contexts. In addition, I will also work in close collaboration with parents and other professionals to ensure that a focus is kept on helping children grow and learn in accordance with their learning and developmental needs.

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